Hello Kitty True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – BST23X


Sparrow Lady x HELLO KITTY’s BST23X is our very attractive True Wireless In-Ear Stereo Headphones. It is small, perfectly fit and sounds incredible. Thanks to the custom made recharging box that is enough for 3 x full charge of the Headphones, the Headphones work always.


  • Ergonomic slim construction, In-Ear wearing style
  • Powerful sound with intriguing bass
  • Absolutely stable Bluetooth wireless connectivity enables seamless communication and audio entertainment
  • Recharging box enough for 3 x full charge of the Headset
  • Allow to use the Headphones individually for convenience and safety such as driving
  • Sweat and splash proof
  • Ear sleeve supporter in S, M, L sizes for utter wearing security
  • Silcon ear tips in S, M, L sizes for ultimate personal fit
  • Crafted HELLO KITTY control panel for enhanted look
  • HELLO KITTY touring case for storage and maintenance included
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