The beauty in sound

Crystal True Wireless Freedom

Bluetooth v 5.0, Metal crafted housing, Extremely long battery life, One-touch control.

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express YOUR truE character

Premium Wireless Freedom

Bluetooth v 5.0, Also works as wired Headphone, Dual convertibility

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party anytime

2-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker & Power Bank

Small size of your palm but gives Great sound. Speaker and Power bank in One that works all day long.

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The beauty in sound

Glitters with Hello Kitty in all occasions

Experience the luxurious feel and great sound by yourself!  Free universal adapters pack.

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Wireless headphones

Be free with our range of Bluetooth wireless and true wireless headphones.  Whether it is On-ear headphones, in-ear headphones or true wireless earbuds, you could enjoy spectacular sound and free movement always.

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Wired headphones

Choose from our Hello Kitty Premium Headphones set or super small in-ear earbuds with storage system.  They give you style and enjoyment when you are on the go or at home.

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Bluetooth Speakers

Take your favourite music anywhere you go.  Carry this 2-in-1 speaker and power bank with you and have party anytime.

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Data & Charging Cable

Battery charging cannot be more luxurious!  Available in various lengths to suit your need.  Metal casing decorated with Swarovski crystals.

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